Are you looking for a career in one of the best oil industries? Do you want to improve and grow professionally with a leading oil company? If so, Saudi Aramco is the right place for you. With new opportunities, smart jobs and plenty of career opportunities, Saudi Aramco is the company you will follow in your career. Full details of the job, including how to apply, are provided below for Saudi Aramco Jobs.

Name Saudi Aramco
Job Location Across UAE
Nationality Selective
Education Equivalent Degree/Diploma
Experience Depending Upon Position
Salary Range 4000 – 20,000 AED /month (Not Confirm)
Benefits Standard Benefits
Posted Date November 17, 2021

Saudi Aramco Jobs Latest Updates Excellent Career Opportunity


About Saudi Aramco:

Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabian Oil Company is the national oil and gas company of Saudi Arabia. With sales of $ 355.5 billion, it is one of the most profitable companies in the world. Its success in the exploration, production, refining, distribution, marketing and production of petroleum products is unmatched. The company is listed on the Tadawul Stock Exchange and is based in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Aramco has the second largest proven oil reserve in the world (more than 270 billion barrels (4.3 × 1010 m3) and the second largest daily oil production in the world. It also has the fourth largest natural gas reserve in the world (298.7 billion standard) cubic feet). .

In addition to its headquarters in Dhahran, Saudi Aramco is located worldwide in Beijing, Houston, Malaysia, London, New Delhi, New York, Seoul, Singapore, The Hague, Xiamen and Tokyo.

List Of Vacant Positions (New Updates)

Reliability Engineer Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Paralegal for Intellectual Property Practice Area Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Sr. Counsel – Corporate Compliance Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Mechanical Stationary Equipment Engineer Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Chemical Engineer – Energy Management & Solomon Benchmarking Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Market Manager for Retail Gas Stations Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Senior Strategist Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Process Engineer – Hydrocracker Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Process Engineer – Diesel Hydrotreater Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Agriculturalist – Hydroponics/Vertical Farming Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Loss Prevention Engineer Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Environmental Officer Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Global Tax Compliance & Reporting Specialist Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Planning & Performance Management Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Extended Reality (XR) Specialist Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Sr. Planning and Performance Management Analyst Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Senior Chemicals Strategist Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Secretary Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Educational Specialist Saudi Arabia View & Apply
Statistician Saudi Arabia View & Apply

Careers at Saudi Aramco:

Saudi Aramco employs more than 60,000 people worldwide. The various fields offered for a career at Saudi Aramco include engineering, geosciences, drilling, education, finance, law and other administrative areas.

Career paths are available to both Saudi and non-Saudi citizens. Citizens of Saudi Arabia can apply through a “graduate program” or under “experienced applicants”. Graduates are candidates with less than three years of experience, while experienced candidates have at least three years of experience in a similar position.

There are education requirements for graduates that include a bachelor’s degree such as minimum training, minimum GPA requirements and registration with the Saudi Arabian Engineering Council. Additional eligibility criteria can be displayed for each individual order.

Non-Saudi applicants are also welcome at Saudi Aramco to contribute to a large number of talented people from around the world. Applicants can submit their applications based on their regions of America or Africa, Asia Pacific and Europe.

Career benefits of Saudi Aramco:

Compensation packages at Saudi Aramco are comprehensive and profitable. These benefits include: Annual ticket or cash equivalent, annual leave, severance pay, dependent education allowance, housing allowance, extended health insurance and transport allowance.

Recruitment at Saudi Aramco Jobs:

You can apply for a job at Saudi Aramco by registering online on the company’s website. Once shortlisted, you will be contacted for an interview and asked to apply formally. A successful interview will provide you with a quote under the conditions you must meet. These include checks and valid work visas in Saudi Arabia. Relocation processes are available to expats, which include orientation sessions for both the applicant and his / her spouse.

You are also invited to join the Aramco community and receive updates on new opportunities. So keep an eye on our website for new vacancies in Saudi Aramco.


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