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About Afghan Family Guidance Association |AFGA

The Afghan Family Guidance Association (AFGA) is a non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical Afghan organization founded in 1968. The AFGA has been active in the field of reproductive health and rights since its inception and has recently become an associate member of the International Federation for Family Planning (IPPF).

AFGA was suspended due to war and conflict in the country for ten years (1992-2002) and resumed its activities in 2002 with the financial support of the International Federation for Family Planning (IPPF).

The IPPF is an alliance of 151 family planning associations known as member associations that have projects in more than 180 countries. IPPF remains the world’s largest provider of reproductive health information and services.

Job Description:

The midwife for community care and family health offers women and adolescents individual counseling, contraceptive methods, pregnancy tests and appropriate recommendations. Field midwives also provide clients with information on family planning, HIV / AIDS prevention, violence prevention and intervention.

Job description:

  • Provides quality sexual and reproductive health counseling and services, including family planning, HIV / AIDS, STIs, abortion counseling, cervical and breast cancer counseling, etc.
  • Provide adequate supervision and advanced care to women during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum.
  • Separate deliveries at Family Health House and maternal and neonatal care at community level.
  • Manage complications of pregnancy and childbirth according to the principles of urgent basic obstetric care.
  • Consideration of IP measures during deliveries and organization of standard ANC / PNC visits in target areas.
  • Counseling and education of women, the family and the community in areas related to health, including maternal and neonatal health.
  • Treatment of eclampsia and pre-eclampsia (screening, treatment and recommendations).
  • Administration of PPH by spreading misoprostol.
  • Provides postpartum family planning counseling and services.
  • Referring to postpartum complications if necessary.
  • Detection of dangerous signs of pregnancy in pregnant women.
  • Provides comprehensive counseling for all FP methods, dissemination of short-term family planning methods and IEC and BCC materials.
  • Provide short-term family planning methods to clients.
  • Development of an effective recommendation system for long-term family planning methods.
  • Visit the PNC 48 hours after delivery and provide the necessary family planning method.
  • Provides information and education in the field of self-service.
  • Provide an environment that provides for a comprehensive referral route in the event of a birth complication.
  • Sensitize women during their home visits and social gatherings to increase the demand for services.
  • Provide immediate care to newborns with a focus on airways, warmth and breastfeeding.
  • Provide emergency measures for the resuscitation of the newborn baby.
  • Provide daily newborn care, including physical examination, umbilical cord care, immunization, etc.
  • Performs administrative tasks such as patient care, data recording and reporting, and coordinating specific educational or field programs.
  • Ensure the correct data entry and reporting system.
  • Preparation and submission of monthly reports to Line Manager or Project Focus Point.

Job Requirements:

  1. She graduated as a midwife (2 years).
  2. A bachelor’s degree from the College of Obstetrics is desirable.
  3. At least 2 years related work experience
  4. Field safety and service provision at field / community level.
  5. Fluency in local languages ​​and basic knowledge of English.
  6. Good communication skills and the ability to communicate successfully with the community and clients.
  7. Knowledge of family planning (counseling and methods)
  8. Introduction to the use of smart devices such as tablets and smartphones.:

Submission Guideline:

All interested and qualified candidates should send their CV along with a cover letter to [email protected] and no later than (29 November 2021) clearly indicate the name of the post and the vacancy number in the subject line of your email . Receipt of an appropriate subject will be disqualified from the process.

Applications are accepted in English and only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. The offer after the deadline will not be considered.

Submission Email:

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